A highly educated and well-known international diplomat wanted to enter the political arena and needed an unbiased view on his possible acceptance by the voter's of the area. The study suggested that the he stood a good chance and also highlighted a few areas of concern. He is now an elected MP and part of the government.
A very young & dynamic Member of Parliament from Maharashtra commissioned a post poll study to understand the various trends and swing that would have taken place during the election. Primary purpose was to understand what would have happened if the opponent was from the other party of the pre-poll alliance.  Also, it was really helpful to come up with strategic decisions for the assembly elections that were held later.
Former Independent MLA and now a minister in the Govt. of Rajasthan. He was pitted against a seasoned sitting MP and delimitation had worsened the situation as an unfavourable belt was added in his area. His extreme hard work backed with a sound strategy gave him one of the largest margins of victory in the state.
Former Cabinet Minister in the previous Govt. of Rajasthan. Had to change his constituency and had to keep in mind the caste dynamics as well as measure the local unrest with in the party.
Former and present Cabinet Minister in Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. This was a multiplier effect research. As the research pointed out that he could easily win in his stronghold area, he shifted to a near by constituency and let another person fight from his area. Both the seats were won as per the strategy put in place.
After an unsuccessful attempt last time as an Independent, he wanted to have an edge which can take him over the line in a 4 way contest in the recently held Haryana Assembly elections. A war room approach for last 21 days was adopted and we came up with different ideas for different areas and strategies based on voter perception segmentation, on a daily basis. We also ran a craft fully drafted SMS campaign on the segmented voters. He won by a slender margin.
A 3 times MLA & senior Leuva Patel leader from Saurasthra had to choose from one of the two assembly segments he had been contesting for last 25 yrs. The research threw up the one, which was against the gut feeling of the ex-minister. But his belief and trust in us led him to choose the one we suggested. He won the election and is presently a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Gujarat. His party candidate lost on the other seat in consideration.
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